PPR Pipes & Fittings

SFMC PPR is a leading PPR Pipe and PPR Fittings manufacturer from India. SFMC-PPR PLUMBING SOLUTION is considered the best carrier of potable water, using the revolutionary raw material specified FOOD GRADE, which is Strongly believed to be as replacement to conventional GI Pipes which are Prone to rust, leakage and scalping.

SFMC is present on the market of plastic piping systems since 2001. Our major PPR products range covers (polypropylene) PPR plastic pipe systems of pressure and/or hot water (heating) distribution. SFMC PPR System is a dominant producer of PPR Pipe systems in INDIA and ranks among the leading INDIAN manufacturers. To satisfy our customers' needs, technology development is at the foremost position in the goals of our company.

Today, the company name is connected, in the first place, with production of plastic pipes and fittings that are placed to the market under the brand System - SFMC PPR. Some elements which we have developed, brought significant benefits in the (polypropylene) PPR pipe and PPR Fittings sector even from the point of view of PPR pipe fitting manufacturers with larger reputation and longer experience. This way, our achievements became challenging for competitors with their brands already well-established on the market Together with the intensive growth of production capacities, SFMC thus could penetrate among the leading INDIAN companies in a record-breaking period of time.

PPR Applications


1. Toxic and corrosive chemicals industry, for the flow of aggressive fluids.
2. Reserve osmosis plants
3. Construction Industry for internal and external water pipelines network .
4. For Industrial Gasses
5. Medical Gases in Hospital
6. Compressed Air Line
7. Chilled water line
8. Boiler Pipe line
9. Chemical transport
10. R.O Water Line
11. Transportation of Slurries
12. Solar water heating system
13. Acid/Caustic Lines
14. SX Acid Mining
15. Organic Chemicals
16. Inorganic Chemicals
17. Hazardous Waste
18. Waste water
19. Process Water
20. Cooling Water
21. Acid bath
22. Barge loading and unloading Tank storage
23. Dual Containment Piping Systems
24. Aeration
25. Liquor, bleaching, and caustic acid lines
26. Pipe rehabilitation in both plant and out of plant piping
27. Dredge Piping
28. Pit dewatering
29. Fertilizer

Moreover, we produce PP-R pipes in multi-layer, having 3 different layers of:

1. Inner most layer which will be in direct contact with fluid is of Anti-microbial / Anti bacterial layer. This layer prevents the growth of bacteria.
2. The middle layer is the plain PP-R, black in colour, which imarts further U.V. Stability to the product against atmosphere effects and highly exposed and deteriorating U.V. rays.
3. The outermost layer is a UV stabilized PP-R layer. Thus, providing the outermost UV stabilized layer on the PP-R pipes has controlled the ageing process.

PPR Range


1. We produce PPR Pipes in 3 Pressure rating i.e. PN 10, PN 16, PN 20 and size from 16mm to 16omm and standard length is 4 mtr. However, length can be customized on volume requirements.
2. 3 Layer PPR Pipes
3. Mono Layer PPR Pipes
4. Fittings from 16mm to 160 mm
5. Brass inserted Molded fittings for metal connection (can be used for non-acidic application)
6. Flange and O ring from 32 mm to 160mm (can be used for all kinds of acidic and non – acidic applications )
7. Hot & Cold ball valve from 20mm to 110mm ( Brass Ball Valves and Industrial PP Ball Valves )
8. Our standard colour is green however if the Qty is good we can provide customized colour also.
9. PPR Pipes can also be provided in coil of 100 meter upto 75mm.

We are an ISO-9001:2000 certified company, our products is ISI marked approved by many Industrial Houses including, Suprajit industries, Birla Tyre, Jaypee Cement, Indo Rama. Haldiram Industries, Wipro, Narmada Geleton, Mercury Fabrics, Hindustan Sanitary ware & industries Ltd, Torrent Pharmaceuticals etc to name a few.

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Approvals & Certifications
  • ISI CERTIFIED - IS 15801
  • AN ISO-9001:2000 Certified Company
  • Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee.
  • Uttrakhand Jal Sansthan
  • Uttrakhand Pay Jal Nigam
  • CPWD
  • MES
  • Indian Railways
  • PWD of Various states
  • Housing Boards of Various states
  • NSIC

Technical Specifications

SFMC pipes and fittings are produced from Polypropylene Random copolymer Type 3 as raw material having low melt flow rate, high molecular weight and good  flexibility.


Jointing Procedure

Before operation, be sure that your welding machine is in good working condition and there is no air gap between the welding tools and the welding machine.


Industrial Application

We produce PPR Pipes in 3 Pressure rating i.e. PN 10, PN 16, PN 20 and size from 16mm to 16omm and standard length is 4 mtr. However, length can be customized on volume requirements.


Mining Application

When it comes to selecting materials for mining applications, the two most important factors are security and reliability. The must be rustproof, break-resistant and corrosion-free.