Sunday, February 25, 2024

Tools & Equipment

Below list of equipment we are using currently for manufacturing process and we are intend to buy some more machinery for expansion.

  • Main Extruder : – Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. A material is pushed or drawn through a die of the desired cross-section.
  • Co – Extruder : – The process of extruding two or more materials through a single die with two or more orifices arranged so that the extrudates merge and weld together into a laminar structure before chilling. Each material is fed to the die from a separate extruder, but the orifices may be arranged so that each extruder supplies two or more plies of the same material.
  • Jockey Extruder: – To draw an identification line in Pipe
  • Mixer (For frictional heating)
  • Hopper Loader – Complete with synchronizing devices &
  • Electrical panel
  • Vacuum Tank
  • Water Tank
  • Haul Off
  • Automatic Cutter
  • Automatic Tilter fitted with production counter
  • DG Set – 320 KVA Kirloskar, make (4 Sets)
  • Cooling Tower
  • Compressor 5HP ELGI make (3 Sets)
  • Lathe machine
  • Milling Machine
  • Threading Machine
  • Tapping Machine
  • Drill Machine
  • Welding Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • Shaper Machine
  • Boring Machine
  • Molding Machine. (Automatic) – 15 Nos
  • Power Press Machine