Sunday, February 25, 2024


Stepping into International Markets is a way forward is one of our Growth Strategy. When we access into Global scenario and strengths we possess we move ahead to not only venture with PPR, PVC, CPVC, PE, HDPE pipes, Fittings, Sewer, Hoses, Tubes and Sanitary wares but also with other products from different trades to cater different Market segments. Horizontal Diversification will give us the edge in INTERNATIONAL MARKET. Our Extensive experience of INDIA, CIS and SOUTH PACIFIC has made us very good at SOURCING & PROCUREMENTS.


The various products we will be catering into Global trade along with our core products are

  • Clothing, Textiles & Jewelry , Work Clothes, Sportswear, Outer Wears, Handicrafts, Leather products , Raw Cotton.
  • Furniture products, Interiors, Contract Furniture,
  • Precious Stones, Prisms, Crystals, Navgrah Yantras, Rudraksha mala
  • Ceramic Products, Sanitary Ware,
  • Valves & Water Treatment.
  • Solar panels, BIO gas plants & Wind Turbines – 228 KVA along with Installations
  • IT, Software, Hardware and Trainings.
  • Hospitality, Restauranting & Consortiums
  • Medical Equipment, Medicines and Implants – Trading only.
  • Agro products , Food Grains, Edible Oils
  • SPA oils, Panchkarma Equipment & Oils and Wellness support systems.
  • Dry fruits, Wines & Vodka.


Expanding in the bases like EUROPE , CIS NATIONS , MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA we are targeting roughly 31% of the world’s population.


Europe covers about 2% of Earth’s surface and 50 Sovereign states. Europe holds about 10.5% of world’s population. Statistics have indicated the positive trends of increasing Market size. Trends have shown that the Market is growing. There is an upward trend in GDP. Euro has gaining strength even as the member states are being added up. The market size is increasing. This is the Region where there are opportunities in every sector. It will be best to set foot in Europe at entire Eurozone is approachable.

CIS Nations

CIS nations covers about 4% of Earth’s surface and there are 9 Member countries 1 Associate state. CIS nations holds about 236 million inhabitants i.e. 3.06% of world’s population lives in CIS nations. This is a growing market, and a manufacturing heaven. It lies on old SILK ROUTE which connects Asia to Europe. They are well connected via roads to Europe. Nearness to Europe is the biggest advantage. These countries are coming up very fast as a great market and manufacturing hub.

Middle East

Middle east covers about 1.76 % of Earth’s surface and there are 18 member Countries. Middle East is a home of about 265 million human entities i.e. 3.44% of world’s population. It’s a very good market and they have matured Retail Market. They have rich oil reserves that gave them edge over other nations. The recent trends have shown that their dependency on oil for Revenue generation is reducing and they are coming up as manufacturing hub and Retail hub. Practically all the Big Brands in every sector are present there. The Industry dependent on Petroleum and by products of Petroleum are flourishing well in here.


Africa covers about 6% of Earth’s surface and there are 54 countries which comes under African Sub continent. Africa is a home of about roughly 1225 million human entities i.e. 15.2 % of world population. This subcontinent has vast reserves of rich Minerals and natural resources. Industrial Sector is coming up very rapidly in Africa.