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cPVC Pipes & Fittings

CHLORINATED POLY VINYL CHLORIDE [CPVC] pipes and fittings, under the brand name FLOWLIFE by SFMC,  to its ever growing bunch of quality products, manufactured for its discerning customer. These Pipes & Fitting are intended for use in residential and commercial, hot and cold, potable water distribution systems. Our Pipes & Fittings are produced from a specialty blend of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride material with unique physical properties desirable for piping application.

The compounds used for extrusion of the pipes meets the requirements of ASTM Class 23447 B as defined in ASTM Specification D1784. These pipes have a maximum service temperature upto 93°C and have a design stress of 2000 PSI.

Pipes are produced in copper tube size (CTS) from 15 mm (1/2”) to 50 mm (2”) with two different standard dimensional ratios-SDR-11 and SDR-13.5. The fittings are produced as per SDR 11. All SFMC CPVC SDR 11 and SDR 13.5 pipes are made from identical CPVC compound material having same physical properties.

The CPVC fittings are manufactured from compound material which meets all the requirement as per ASTM standard. CPVC pipes of Copper Tube Size (CTS) dimensions can also be applied to CPVC (IPS) dimensions by using IPS x CTS fitting. The CPVC pipes from 15 mm (1/2”) to 50 mm (2”) are also produced as per IS 15778 standard in both class that is Class 1 (SDR 11) and Class 2 (SDR 13.5).

CPVC Plumbing System is approved for contact with potable water in wide range of countries including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Middle East among others. CPVC Pipes are known to last for over 50 years after installation.

ASTM D1784Standard Specification for Rigid Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Compounds and Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (CPVC) Compounds.
ASTM D2846/IS:15778Specification for Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride (CPVC) Plastic Pipes for Hot & Cold water distribution systems.
ASTM F493Standard Specification for Solvent Cements for Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (CPVC) Plastic Pipe & Fittings.
ASTM F441Standard Specification for Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (CPVC) Plastic Pipe, SCH 40 & 80.
ASTM F438Socket-Type Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic Pipe Fittings. SCH 40.
ASTM F439Socket-Type Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic Pipe Fittings. SCH 80.

CPVC Pipes are available in sizes ranging from 15 mm (1/2") to 50 mm (2"). There are two different Standard Dimensional Ratios (SDR) in which they are manufactured namely: SDR-11 and SDR-13.5. All fittings are manufactured as per SDR 11. Since both SDR 11 and SDR 13.5 pipes are made from the same compound material, they have the same physical properties. The CPVC fittings are manufactured from compound material as per the relevant ASTM standard requirement.

CPVC pipes are used for hot and cold potable water flow in Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Swimming Pools etc. that require hygienic and uncontaminated supply of water. Because of better chemical and heat resistant properties when compared to other thermoplastic materials, they can be used in Chemical Factories & for other Industrial requirements too.

Excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical attacks -

Lifeline is absolutely free from corrosion and offers excellent resistance to great number of chemicals like strong mineral acids and bases.

Ideal system for carrying drinking water

Lifeline is an absolutely free from corrosion and negative biological effects. It does not break down under the harshest water condition hence the quality of water never deteriorates.

Light weight, easy and quick assembly -

Together with simple, solvent cement jointing method results in extensive saving on time and labour.

Tough and Rigid material -

CPVC has a much higher strength/modulus than other thermoplastics used in plumbing applications. This material can withstand high pressure. Due to its tough and rigid material property, it requires less supports with minimum offsets/looping.

Simple and leak proof joints -

Jointing can be done speedily with special solvent cement supplied by the company which ensures 100% leak proof joints.

Superior insulation properties -

Lifeline has better insulation properties than metal pipes reducing heat loss and insulation requirement.

Fire Resistance -

Lifeline CPVC does not support combustion.

CPVC Pipes and Fittings have a natural immunity to scaling, corrosion, and microbiologically influenced corrosion

It has a general life expectancy of 50 years & over, a longlow-maintenance service life as compared to traditional metallic systems.

The pipes have a higher flow rate due to the pipes being smoother & having better friction resistance properties.

Being light in weight, CPVC piping systems are easier to handle and install.

Fabrication is quick, simple, and clean as there is no need for a soldering torch or heavy equipment. Installation is done by solvent cement joining process which is quick and leak-proof if properly done.

CPVC Pipes & Fittings have better Flame & Smoke resistant characteristics

when compared to other non-metallic piping options. They have a very high ash-ignition temperature and are not combustible as they do not sustain burning.

Because of its high heat & pressure resistant properties,

CPVC Pipes are the preferred choice for Hot & Cold water plumbing in Residential & Commercial Buildings as well as in transporting of hot & pressurized water for industrial usage.

CPVC Pipes & Fittings have inertness or excellent chemical resistance properties to a wide range of chemicals.

CPVC has lower Thermal Expansion & Conductivity as compared to other thermoplastics.

Therefore, distortion of pipelines due to flow of hot fluids & thus leading to looping is reduced. It is also more energy efficient as there is much lesser heat loss as compared to other materials, especially metal thus exhibiting better insulation properties

Manufactured from quality raw material.

No electric source required for installation.

Extraordinary Safety and hygiene

Enviable Reliability

Enormous Cost savings

Technical Specifications