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Standards & Licencing

  • PPR pipes for Hot and Cold water application (IS 15801)
  • uPVC water supply and agricultural pipe. (IS 4985)
  • Lead free uPVC plumbing pipes (Threaded) (ASTM 1785, Schedule 40 and 80)
  • uPVC SWR pipes (IS 13592) and
  • Braided pipe (Garden)
  • PPR PIPES for Hot and Cold Water Application
  • uPVC Water supply and Agriculture Pipe
  • Lead free uPVC Plumbing Pipes (Threaded)
  • uPVC SWR Pipes as per IS 13592

Polypropylene Random Copolymer Type 3 corresponds to German DIN standards.

(a) DIN 8077 Dec. 1997 PP Pipe Dimensions
(b) DIN 8078 April 1996 PP pipes General Quality Requirements and Testing.

Standards Applied in Production

IS-15801 / CML 3064445               Licence from BIS, Dehradun for PPR Pipes

IS-4985 / CML 3206136                 Licence from BIS, Dehradun for PVC Pipes

IS-13592 / CML 3206035               Licence from BIS, Dehradun for UPVC Pipes

E – DIN 1988                                      Drinking water lines in premises

DIN 8078                                           PP Pipes general quality requirements and testing.

DIN 16928                                         Pipe connections and components layout.

ISO 9001:2015                                 PPR Pipes & Fittings

ISO 9001:2015                                 PVC & CPVC Pipes and Fitting 

USP - Unique Selling Preposition

  1. We have enjoyed continuous and rapid growth, which has been achieved through our unique qualities.
  2. Diversified Product Portfolio – Our range of products allows our existing customers to source most of their product requirements from us enabling us to expand our business from existing customers, as well as address a larger base of potential new customers.
  3. In- depth Domain Knowledge and Experience Management Team
  4. Unmatched Engineering
  5. Proven Project Management
  6. Superior Quality Work from Quality Workmanship.
  7. Commitment to innovation and introduction of new technologies into our operations
  8. Our commitment to operating under Quality Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental Management Systems.
  9. Marketing, Distribution network spread across states and Superior Delivery Alliance Partners with a strong service culture.