Customer Care No-000 00 000
Insfrastructure - Design Development Cycle

The company makes a judicious mix of engineering quality management and cutting edge technologies to meet the demands of newer designs and utility through enhanced product performance. The company undertakes a detailed execution of each product covering various studies to meet the customer’s requirement. This exercise is spread to Feasibility Study, Product qualification and Part Approval Process.

Feasibility Study
The Customer inquiries are passed on to the Engineering Department that is equipped with all updated and standard practices. Here, a team of technically and professionally qualified experts scrutinize the various technical specifications to take care of the customized requirement. The team of experts also indulges in routine check ups to ascertain the feasibility of manufacturing at the plant. The customer’s approval is sought at the slightest deviation. The cost of the various processes is also calculated before the actual production takes place.

Product Quality Plan
It is at this point that the complete Quality Planning is undertaken to define and document all the requirements of the customer. This is followed by a number of process including – Process Diagram, Product Process Plan, Quality Plan, Work Instructions, Error Proofing Activity Plan and Special Characteristic Identification. Then complete tool and equipment is designed and sometimes arranged to initiate the production process.

Part Approval Process
Here, the product samples are submitted to the customers for approval. After their evaluation, various other parameters of production are reviewed.

After the final approval of the customer, all activities are reviewed yet again. Readiness for mass production is evaluated. Information for planning of production and all other related activities are communicated to the concerned departments to commence commercial production.