Showers Collection



Rich experience of product and manufacturing, knowledgeable on global plumbing standards, our well-trained team is so excellent that every product from their hands is like a masterpiece from a great artist. You will feel the expertise immediately when you touch our products even in the very first time.


We listen carefully to the voice from our customers in order to make sure their needs can be integrated into our product design. We spare no effort on the research of new water technologies in order to bring new features to perfect the performance of our products. We are taking the lead by continuously providing better products to the market

We are proud of the great originality of our patented product designs. Every design of Boolan product is full of its designers' colse observation of life,as well as the passion to enhance your lifestyle. we believe our pursuit of innovation will bring pleasure and enjoyment to your shower experience.


You will be impressed by how Boolan products can be beautify your shower room. Our state-of -the-art products make it real for you to build a harmony between enjoying ultimate shower experience and expressing your individual taste of lifestyle