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PRODUCTS OF uPVC COLUMN PIPES (uPVC Piping System Storage and Handeling)

Care should be exercised at all the times in handling of pipes to avoid damage to the pipe surface or to the pipe ends, which are prepared for joining.

uPVC pipes and fittings should ideally be stored in a well ventilated and shady area. However, when pipes need to be stored in the sun and to protect from UV rays, they should be covered in a way, which leaves the end of pipes open for air to pass through which will avoid heat accumulation.

Elastomeric rings, gaskets and all fittings should always be stored in the shed and the Elastomeric rings should be fitted in the socket when the pipe is in the trench and ready for jointing.

Solvent cement and lubricant should always be stored in a cool and dry place.

Pipes should always be stored on a reasonable level and flat surface which is free from stones and sharp projection so that the pipe is supported throughout its length. Wooden battens with a minimum width of 75 mm (3 inches) whose centers are one meter apart should be used.

Larger diameter pipes of sufficient wall thickness should be kept at the bottom of stack or in lower bundles. Loose pipes should have side supports, which are not more than 1.5 meter apart. Pipes should not be stacked for more than 2.5 m high and pipes of different sizes should be stacked separately. Stacking of bundles of pipes is possible up to 3 meter height.

A six-month exposure to sunlight may change the colour of uPVC pipes, as colour stabilizers are not used, white manufacturing.