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Natural fibre/ filler filled thermoplastic is a newly developed engineering material used as a replacement of natural wood. This is motivated by advantages of its adequate strength/ stiffness characteristics, low water absorption, superior dimensional stability, high screw/ nail holding power and ease of recycling. The typical applications includes: door and window profiles, frames, decking, fencing, lumber, furniture and other industrial applications.

Histologically, wood fibre/ flour has been the traditional source of wood plastic composites. Because of its local shortage, environmental issues and Government policies, researches are focusing on finding wood fibre alternatives in the melt blend processing. As a result, initiatives taken on use of non-woody materials have resulted in the development of plastic composites.

Lignocellulosic plastic granules prepared under developed know-how can be processed for immediate use in extrusion, injection and other kind of plastic moldings.The profiles can even be specifically developed & produced for the customer. These profiles can be easily compared with the structural natural wood.

Salient Features
1. Environment friendly due to usage of agricultural waste and recycled plastics.
2. Resistant to Rot/Termite due to addition of biocides and complete encapsulation of natural fibers by the plastic.
3. Carpenter friendly: Can be nailed, screwed , or sawned by conventional wood working tools.
4. Resistant to fading and weather induced UV degradation due to addition of suitable additives from expert companies in the world.
5. Superior properties as compared to natural wood in terms of low moisture absorption, better screw with holding and better load bearing.
6. Can be perfectly molded/extruded in any desired profile design, without any limitation of length.
7. Requires no painting or polishing. Profiles are available with Sanding and Embossing finish on the surface for good looks and high aesthetic value.