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The system
The various malaise of the sewerage systems are today becoming exposed in the form of pollution from corroded and broken sewage pipelines. But the task of providing a solution is onerous and money scarce. Hence tried and time tested products are required.

This system is intended for carrying soil and waste from S.W.R. drainage system to roadside sewers or drains. The system is considered to be most ideal for applications, where horizontal drainage lines on floor levels other than ground levels. This is most preferred for building such as hospital, hotels etc., where hygiene is a prerequisite. The system can also be used for rainwater collection and disposal, including rainwater harvesting.

The SFMC underground system comprises readymade moulded Ultra inspection chambers in 250, 315, 450 and 600 mm sizes. Different configurations of chambers are available as per the site condition. Depth of installation can be matched by using riser/shaft pipe.

In short system provides complete solution for underground drainage application. The system is completely watertight and hence it is free from ingress and seepage of water and hence considered to be most hygienic. Unlike conventional drainage products there is no feat of pollution of underground water, soil or ill effects on building foundations. Because of ease of installation tremendous saving in time and labour is possible.

Features and Benefits - Great features of this versatile system are –

Great flexibility - Due to availability of readymade inspection chambers, long length of pipes and lighter weight, installation of this system is very convenient and fast.

Perfect hydraulic properties - Mirror smooth inside surface of the pipes and streamlined design of the chambers, greatly reduces the possibility of blockages and maximize flow characteristics.

Great strength - System is sufficiently durable to meet site-loading requirements.

Watertight system - Pipe and riser connection with the chamber base is absolutely watertight and unique design of pipe joints with click ring and sealing ring accommodate angular deflection and axial displacement which make the system completely leak proof and hence excellent hygiene is maintained.

Hygienic and safe - Trouble free performance of the joints without blockage and leakage ensures high standards of hygiene.

Minimum excavation cost - Because of simple jointing technique, trench width can be kept minimum and smoother bore of the pipe allow high flow rates at relatively flatter gradients.

Different flow profile designs - Inspection chamber are available in different fliw profiles/configurations of inlet (s) and outlet to suit the site requirements. Unwanted inlets if any can be closed with the help of blanking plugs.

Minimal Maintenance - Optimum functional qualities and good hydraulic properties plays an important part in reducing the need for jetting and other forms of maintenance, and therefore operational costs are considerably reduced.

Longer life and overall economy - Being free from problems like corrosion and susceptibility to chemical reactions, it is sufficiently durable, and offers ling and trouble free service life.

These pipes are made as per IS 15328 standard and are marked with ISI mark. The pipes are available in different stiffness classes as given in the available in 3m and 6m lengths. Separate coupler with unique design of click ring and rubber-sealing rings are available, which makes the system absolutely watertight.

Eco-drain Pipes
Pipes are not solid wall pipes but have a unique wall structure i.e. with a number of “holes” in the wall thickness in longitudinal direction. As a result, the pipes are noticeably lighter and less expensive than any existing PVC pipe of similar stiffness and many times lighter than a concrete pipe, with equivalent load carrying capacity.

The SFMC offer following advantages
Light weight- Easy to handle and store.
Ease of installation.
Tough and durable.
Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.
Environment friendly.
Less prone to thefts.
Cost Effective.
Effective substitute to C.I. and concrete gratings.

Fields of applications
The SFMCs offer the correct solution for surface drains, in various applications. i.e. pavements,
road side curbs,
cycle paths,
school yards,
play grounds,
shopping malls,
storage yards,
sports grounds,
building terraces and balconies,
side drains in building complexes,
and several other applications.

Gratings are available in standard lengths of 500 mm and 600 mm and in widths of 150 mm, 200 mm, 375 mm and 400 mm. They are provided with slots.