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Handling :

  • It is much easier handle and install PPR pipe vs. the heavier, rigid metallic or concentrate or concrete pipe segments, allowing for huge cost advantages in the construction process.

  • PPR pipe is better able to structurally withstand an impact than PVC pipe, especially in cold weather installations when other pipes are more prone to cracks and breaks.

Range :

  1.  We produce PPR Pipes in 3 Pressure rating i.e. PN 10, PN 16, PN 20 and size from 16mm to 16omm and standard length is 4 mtr. However, length can be customized on volume requirements.
  2. 3 Layer PPR Pipes
  3. Mono Layer PPR Pipes
  4. Fittings from 16mm to 160 mm
  5. Brass inserted Molded fittings for metal connection (can be used for non-acidic application)
  6. Flange and O ring from 32 mm to 160mm (can be used for all kinds of acidic and non – acidic applications )
  7. Hot & Cold ball valve from 20mm to 110mm ( Brass Ball Valves and Industrial PP Ball Valves )
  8. Our standard colour is green however if the Qty is good we can provide customized colour also.
  9. PPR Pipes can also be provided in coil of 100 meter upto 75mm.