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 uPVC pressure piping system 

The system
SFMC offers an exhaustive range of uPVC pressure pipes and fittings. Pressure pipes are manufactured as per IS 4985: 2000 standard and are available in 20 mm to 450 mm sizes in different pressure class. Pipes with both types of joints i.e. solvent cement type and rubber seal type joints are available. Varieties of moulded fittings and wide range of handmade fittings are also available. Moulded fittings are manufactured as per IS : 7834 and fabricated fittings are used for variety of applications like, agriculture, irrigation, water supply, industrial process lines, swimming pools and fire fighting mains, etc. These pipes are superior to C.I., D.I. or R.C.C. pipes and offer number of advantages like-light weight, easy and fast installation, excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, high flow rates, long life and economy.

uPVC pressure piping system

Handmade Fittings
Besides, vast range of moulded fittings, an exhaustive range of handmade fittings is also offered. This includes Couplers, Bends, Short bends, Tee’s, Reducing tee’s, Cross tee’s, Tail pieces, Reducers, Single or Reducing Y, End caps, Leakage couplers etc. in 20mm to 450mm sizes in different pressure class. 
Handmade division of the company is capable of making any tailor-made items as per customer standards and requirements. This implies a complete system solution made of the same material and hence customer needs not to depend on any conventional product.

Polyethylene Piping Systems

The system
SFMC polyethylene pipes are a safe, long lasting and cost effective solution for potable water supply, irrigation and bore-well application. SFMC HDPE pipes are manufactured from virgin raw material with the help of the state of art manufacturing facilities. The plant is equipped with Research and Development facilities along with Quality Control laboratory carrying stringent raw material and finished goods rests for maintaining quality as per Indian as well as International Standards.

 Features and benefits

  • High reliability and proven service performance
  • Resistance to low temperature
  • High impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent weld-ability
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Wide variety of installation methods
  • Easy, fast and economical installation
  • Long service life

Fittings: All the compatible fittings will be made available in handmade from to cater system requirements.

PLB Ducts
Apart from the normal HDPE pipes, Supreme industries Ltd. has introduced PLB ducts i.e. HDPE Telecom Ducts. We use superior quality raw material from reputed ISO 9001 companies, manufacturing a special lubricated compound for conveying optical fiber cables with extremely low friction.

Size Range: 32/26 mm, 40/33 mm, 50/39 mm

Lubrication: permanently lubricated HDPE telecom ducts have special lubricated compound on inner side for conveying optical fiber with extremely low friction. Coefficient of friction between the inside of the HDPE ducts and the outside of the inserted communication table does not exceed 0.06.