PP-R Technical Specifications

Raw Material Polypropylene Random Copolymer

SFMC pipes and fittings are produced from Polypropylene Random copolymer Type 3 as raw material having low melt flow rate, high molecular weight and good flexibility.

This raw material is recommended for the production of pressure pipes including potable water transfer lines, hot and cold water transfer lines, floor heating and also for chemical industry application. Good long term pressure resistance and easy processing and installation technique give cold and hot water systems made of PP-R pipes an advantage as an alternative to the traditional systems.

Polypropylene Random Copolymer Type 3 corresponds to German DIN standards.

  • (a) DIN 8077 Dec. 1997 PP Pipe Dimensions
  • (b) DIN 8078 April 1996 PP pipes General Quality Requirements and Testing.

Standards Applied in Production

E - DIN 1988:  Drinking water lines in premises

DIN 8078:  PP Pipes general quality requirements and testing.

DIN 16928:  Pipe connections and components layout.

DVS 2207:  Welding regulations for plastic pipes.

DVS 223:  Testing of welding connections of thermoplastics.

DIN 16962:  Pipe joints and components for pressure pipes of polypropylene.

DVS 2208:  Machines and devices for welding of plastic pipes.

VOB Part C:  Installation work of gas, water and sewage.

DIN 18381:  Lines within buildings.

DVGW W308:  Regulations and requirements for fittings, Pipes and drinking water installations.

EnEg:  Law of energy saving