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Sub: Industrial Pipe Solution – SFMC PPR PIPES

A pipe does more than just convey industrial liquids from one location to another. It must also be corrosion and abrasion. It must be flexible and easy to install, and maintain a high flow coefficient throughout its service life of 50-100 years. And it must not leak.

With PPR pipe, you get all of the benefits. Because of the hazardous nature of some chemicals being transported, it is imperative that the system should not leak. Heat fusing PPR pipe produces a leak free joint that is as strong as the pipe itself intension and pressure applications.

PPR pipe is corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant material in mining applications. It is light weight, easy to install, and reduces the number of fittings needed in a system because of its flexibility.

SFMC PPR pipe is available for pressure up to 20 Kg /cm² and constant service temperature up to 95º c.

The basic properties of PP-R due to which is considered to be the best polymer available in the world for cold and hot fluid applications are like :-

  • Chemically inert due to which it does not reacts with salts and acids normally present water.
  • Has a resistance to high temperatures and can be recommended for usage up to 95º c.
  • Has as long service life, which maintenance free, which one of the metallic pipes can ever even claim half of it.
  • A fool-proof jointing technique called fusion welding in which the molecules of the pipe fuses with the molecules of the fittings to form a Homogenous body.
  • Has a very low thermal conductivity of 0.23 W/mº k. Hence insulation jackets are often not required for heat preservation and even if required at some places then the thickness of the insulating ply can be considerably reduced.
  • Has a smooth inner surface, thus not letting any calcification to happen inside the pipe.
  • Smooth layer provides less resistance hence require less power to push the fluid.
  • Has a major advantage of very very less laying time required in installations and hence cost of labour can be reduced considerably.
  • Is very economically placed in comparison to most of the alternative piping system.
  • Moreover, is non-decaying and non-deforming and even frost proof due to very little heat losses from the pipe surface.
  • The basic raw material of the PP-R is FDA approved because of which it carries very wide applications in Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry.


1. Toxic and corrosive chemicals industry, for the flow of aggressive fluids.
2. Reserve osmosis plants
3. Construction Industry for internal and external water pipelines network .
4. For Industrial Gasses
5. Medical Gases in Hospital
6. Compressed Air Line
7. Chilled water line
8. Boiler Pipe line
9. Chemical transport
10. R.O Water Line
11. Transportation of Slurries
12. Solar water heating system
13. Acid/Caustic Lines
14. SX Acid Mining
15. Organic Chemicals
16. Inorganic Chemicals
17. Hazardous Waste
18. Waste water
19. Process Water
20. Cooling Water
21. Acid bath
22. Barge loading and unloading Tank storage
23. Dual Containment Piping Systems
24. Aeration
25. Liquor, bleaching, and caustic acid lines
26. Pipe rehabilitation in both plant and out of plant piping
27. Dredge Piping
28. Pit dewatering
29. Fertilizer
Moreover, we produce PP-R pipes in multi-layer, having 3 different layers of:
1. Inner most layer which will be in direct contact with fluid is of Anti-microbial / Anti bacterial layer. This layer prevents the growth of bacteria.
2. The middle layer is the plain PP-R, black in colour, which imarts further U.V. Stability to the product against atmosphere effects and highly exposed and deteriorating U.V. rays.
3. The outermost layer is a UV stabilized PP-R layer. Thus, providing the outermost UV stabilized layer on the PP-R pipes has controlled the ageing process.

1. We produce PPR Pipes in 3 Pressure rating i.e. PN 10, PN 16, PN 20 and size from 16mm to 16omm and standard length is 4 mtr. However, length can be customized on volume requirements.
2. 3 Layer PPR Pipes
3. Mono Layer PPR Pipes
4. Fittings from 16mm to 160 mm
5. Brass inserted Molded fittings for metal connection (can be used for non-acidic application)
6. Flange and O ring from 32 mm to 160mm (can be used for all kinds of acidic and non – acidic applications )
7. Hot & Cold ball valve from 20mm to 110mm ( Brass Ball Valves and Industrial PP Ball Valves )
8. Our standard colour is green however if the Qty is good we can provide customized colour also.
9. PPR Pipes can also be provided in coil of 100 meter upto 75mm.

We are an ISO-9001:2000 certified company, our products is ISI marked approved by many Industrial Houses including, Suprajit industries, Birla Tyre, Jaypee Cement, Indo Rama. Haldiram Industries, Wipro, Narmada Geleton, Mercury Fabrics, Hindustan Sanitary ware & industries Ltd, Torrent Pharmaceuticals etc to name a few.

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