PP-R Jointing Procedure

Choose the proper heating piece and mount it on the welding machine.

Switch the welding device on. Control lamp and switch lamp will lit.

When ready, control lamp gets off, then it means that welding temperature (260˚ C +/-10˚ C) has been reached.

Place the pipe end and the fitting to be welded on the welding machine properly. Heat them for the specified time taking precautions to not to allow overheating of the two pieces.

If welding devices, pipes and fittings are dirty, clean them with a cloth and a alcohol-water solution.

When heated up after a few seconds, remove pipe and fitting from welding machine and connect the two heated end applying a little pressure without twisting. Let it cool down for a few seconds.

The processing times, like heating, fusion and cooling, are shown in the table below. Please keep in mind, that different pipe diameters need different processing time. The welded joints have to be kept in a tight condition during the cooling down.

Outer diameter of pipe (mm) Heating up (Sec.) Processing (Sec.) Cooling period (min.) DVS 2207
• 16 5 4 2 Manual
• 20 5
• 25 7
• 32 8 6 4
• 40 12
• 50 18
• 63 24 8 6 Welding

Important: Before operation, be sure that your welding machine is in good working condition and there is no air gap between the welding tools and the welding machine.

Welding Techniques
The quality of each installation system ultimately depends on the tightness, stability and lifetime of its connections. The homogeneous connection of SFMC pipes by fusion welding by means of welding toolss gives us an absolutely safe pipe connection and guarantees utmost operational safety.

It takes only a few seconds to make a connection by fusion welding process. After a couple of minutes already, the welded joint cools down sufficiently and can be fully loaded.

Cut the pipe and heat it and fittings with welding device. Then put both parts straight together, without twisting. All done… Simply with little effort and perfect result.

The welding process is that safe because the properly heated parts of PP-R creates a homogeneous connection.